Vinnie has recorded 13 CDs on his own. Most songs (words & music, instruments & vocals) have been written, performed, produced & arranged by Vinnie. He has been writing songs, playing the guitar and piano for a number of years. His music reflects the influence of artists such as Lennon, Harrison, Clapton and Nilsson as well as nostalgic type of material. However his style remains unique. His music touches something in everyone whether it be sad, joyous or an everyday happening. His music contains honest emotions.
Vinnie Maesto
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Silly Willie and His Silly Band
Stretch your legs
The day has begun
Now it's time for some fun

Your mates are all waiting
Get your top hat ready
Now your time has come

Get ready for the evening
The town is all a buzz
About Silly Willie and his Silly Willie band

The crowd is getting ready
To dance away the night
Willie is so nervous
You can see it in his eyes

And as the band steps on the stage
Silly Willie starts to shine
There's magic that fills the air
As they play in 6/8ths time
The crowd calls out for more and more
From Silly Willie and his Silly band

And as they packed away their gear
They have a last call for the night
We are talking about Silly Willie
Silly Willie
Silly Willie
Silly Willie
Silly Willie and his Silly Band
Lyrics Credits: Vinnie Maesto
Music Credits: Vinnie Maesto
Producer Credits: Vinnie Maesto
Performance Credits: Vinnie Maesto, Cynthia Hennessey, Susan Gaudet
Label Credits: VinCyn
Story Behind the Song:
Cynthia, myself and our friend Susan recorded this song for my cat "Willie". Lots of Fun!
Probably mosr fun I ever had recording!
Song Length: 2:26
Primary Genre: Unique-General
Secondary Genre: -
Latest News
Out Of Sync release
Apr 8 2024
Finished recording my new album "Out Of Sync". Had a blast making it. Hope you enjoy it!