Vinnie has recorded 13 CDs on his own. Most songs (words & music, instruments & vocals) have been written, performed, produced & arranged by Vinnie. He has been writing songs, playing the guitar and piano for a number of years. His music reflects the influence of artists such as Lennon, Harrison, Clapton and Nilsson as well as nostalgic type of material. However his style remains unique. His music touches something in everyone whether it be sad, joyous or an everyday happening. His music contains honest emotions.
Vinnie Maesto
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In The Dark
Another lonely night has fallen
Since you left me to drown in my tears
I feel helpless and sad this evening
helpless and sad when you're not here

I dropped a glass of wine out in the kitchen
The glass shattered like my heart did everywhere
I got to get myself back together
As for tonight I'll be dreaming in despair

It's alright
Yeah It's alright
I tell myself that everything's okay
In the dark
Here in the dark
I can see the coming of another day

There's a road that leads from off my shoulder
An old time road that can mend one's broken heart
That will be the journey that I'm now taking
No longer will I fall apart
Lyrics Credits: Vinnie Maesto
Music Credits: Vinnie Maesto
Performance Credits: Vinnie Maesto
Label Credits: VinCyn
Song Length: 3:14
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: -
Latest News
Out Of Sync release
Apr 8 2024
Finished recording my new album "Out Of Sync". Had a blast making it. Hope you enjoy it!